Familiarise yourself with the risks of being a lodger in UK

Why it is so risky to be a lodger?

Being a lodger means that you sign a lodger agreement or that you don’t sign anything! The risk is that your landlord can order you to leave the house when he wants, even with only 1-2 weeks before and only if you have signed the lodger agreements. If you didn’t sign it, he can order you to live the house the next day. Even if it is so risky, many people do not sign that contract. If you are new in London or UK and you do not people from there, our advice is to sign that lodger agreement, otherwise you risk to leave the house anytime your landlord wants.

This lodger agreement isn’t required, so it isn’t illegal to live in a house without sign it, but it is better for you and for your safety!

Where can you find a contract like that?

You can download an example from our website, but you need to buy a VIP Ad first. After that, you can download and print it. Our advice is to go to your future landlord with it and sign it you both.

After that, call someone to help you move in. If you do not know anyone, take courage and tell your new landlord to help you to move in because only by yourself is hard. If your landlord is young, you can tell him to help you see the city and present you some interest points from town.

As a lodger that would like to lease areas in Greater london you need to respect some liabilities in front of your landlord and house mates. You have to clean the whole house, especially your room and common rooms as bathroom or kitchen. Both lodger and landlord have to do that because dyou can’t let the hole housework only for your lodger as a landlord or for you landlord as a lodger.

You should have an excellent and also favorable perspective, to talk with him to supply all details he required because when he approves the deal our advice is to not have absolutely nothing bad to sau or think regarding you or your residence.

To lease spaces in London is likewise a great business due to the fact that monthly comes individuals that do not have a great deal of cash for owning a house or a flat.

To ensure that your guest will certainly value all the preferences and he will pay his rent as well as terms you could ask her or him the income they get to ensure that they have the best ways to pay on schedule. Inform him/her the number of times a week you wish to clean up your house with his aid, when he could have visitors, when he could listen songs and also just how loud.

You have to remember to inform your lodger if costs are consisted of payting everything or just the rent.

For guests,house share in London or room share in London are best for them!