What does an End of Tenancy Cleaning entails?

End of tenancy cleaning service offered by a cleaning company is always the best choice for a tenant which finished his tenancy contract. Each tenant must be exempted of that kind of cleaning because it is annoying and exhausting for a person that does not love cleaning.

Do you want to know what Clean&Clean cleaning company can offer you in an end of tenancy cleaning service package?

Well, after our cleaners leaving you will see the house cleaner than ever. In the package is included cleaning every room, electronic appliance and things from the house. Carpet cleaning is not included and also for ironing and shopping. For one of these you need to pay extra.

The price is very cheap and depends on how big is the house or the flat, meaning the number of the rooms you have or you want to be cleaned. Our prices are made to be available for everyone because money do not have to be an obstacle for someone.

Every landlord wants to have his house looking like untouched, so during a tenancy tenants must protect the house better than it was theirs. End of Tenancy Cleaning is one from the necessary things to keep the house in a good appearance and also to keep you healthy. Clean&Clean can assure that will happen.

The conclusion is that you need to clean it properly, even if you are a tenant. Pay attention to not damage something! You risk to not have brought your deposit back!

Move in/ move out cleaning is just the same thing, but it is for the owners.

Emergency cleaning is available for everyone, anytime a person needs it. But, it costs more because cleaners will be surprised by your order!

After party cleaning service is a perfect option for party lovers. After a hard night, you do not have to clean everything only by yourself. You must announce the cleaning company with one or two days before.

As a tenant, you can hire some professional cleaners for anything you want. You do not have to be the owner. You can choose ironing, carpet cleaning, and domestic cleaning.

Most of the time, people ignore to clean their property and that can affect their health and mood. People ignore cleaning because in our times they are too busy and exhausted to have time or the mood for cleaning.

We are here always ready to help you! No matter what hour and day is! All you have to do is to give us a call!