Find out who are the most famous singers in USA 2017

America brings people a lot of good singers who are loved by people from the entire world. Many adolescents have an idol that is a singer in America.

Here are some examples of famous singers from U.S.A.: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera,  the incredible Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Kate Perry, Elvis Presley and more.

In America also exists a folk band or people that sing folk and they are brought together into an album named: Celtic Roots.  They published one beautiful album on December 21, 2010. This album contains the following songs:

  1. The Anthem- sung by Donal Lunny
  2. Shule Agra- Michael McGoldrick
  3. Peigin Leitir Moir- artist: Donal Lunny
  4. Fogo Nicolas- artist: Xose Manuel Budino
  5. Molly Manole- Artist: Michael McGoldrick
  6. Mo Ghile Mear- Donal Lunny
  7. O Cinto Du Tua Blusa- Xose Manuel Budino
  8. I’ll Tell Me Ma- Michael McGoldrick
  9. Báidín Fheidhlimidh- Donal Lunny
  10. Lévame- Xose Manuel Budino

These are all the songs on this album, and they are awesome.

Anyone can buy them from Amazon with 9$ all the album or 0,99$ each. Apple users can also purchase from iTunes, and other markets are available on eMusic, Napster and Rhapsody websites.

Folk music is breathtaking, and they are singing it in a perfect way.  This kind of music is a traditional one, and it originated in 19th. Folk music suffered a lot of changes during the time, and it became popular very fast. For example, in the world exists many times of folk originated in North America, and it is one from the most popular, in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin and South America. A famous country for folk music also is the United Kingdom.

Folk festivals are everywhere around the world, and the most popular are those from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada

There are folk festivals almost in all European Countries: Spain, Poland, Ireland, Sweden,  France, Germany, Hungary and so on.

The most famous festival for Celtic Roots is the Ireland one named: Temple Bar TradFest.

Three teachers, students of three schools, three musical traditions and nine songs, are those who lead a drive, Celtic Roots, which goes beyond corals, songs for prisoners and even folk. The album brings together students from Galicia, Ireland and England swapping and modern traditions will be presented on Friday in Vigo.

The layout of the production of the album explains his intentions: three masters of popular music, one for each a country supported a school to perform three songs from its traditional music. Then, the three centers together record another piece to complete the album. The three sponsors are English Michael McGoldrick, known by Capercaillie formed in or out as a musician Mark Knopfler, Donal Lunny Irish, member of Moving Hearts, and as patron Galician piper José Manuel Budiño.

The three schools selected for the project were the St. John’s Primary School, Manchester, England; St. Cronan’s Primary School, in the town of Bray, Ireland; and by the Portuguese Humberto Johns of Nigrán.