How Celtic Roots selects musicians

Each musician from Celtic Roots was selected and supervised the recording of ten songs protagonists, so that, as artists, are gathered the musical traditions of the three countries. The presentation will be next Saturday at the Auditorio Municipal de Vigo.

Karaoke, a documentary about the recording process and an extensive list of musical collaborations

The ten songs of Celtic Roots are just the centre of a project that wants to move beyond the music. The drive aims to provide its users with more information about a work process long and also the possibility that a listener can change your role excogitate by the singer, as so often happens with popular music.

In the DVD part of the pack will incorporate a karaoke so that buyers can join as members of the choirs of the captives. In the same DVD can also be seen the four recorded video clips and a documentary on the making of way about the recording process of the album. Even more: the foot of the ten songs, the album incorporates an interactive track that includes music, lyrics of the songs.

In short documentary about the completion of the album, in addition to the boys of the three countries, there is a large part of employees who were added to this project border.

In the list of Celtic Roots participating musicians to complement the recordings of students, musicians mainly from the folk, like James Mahon, Graham Henderson, Angela Durcan, Pancho Alvarez According Grandío, Antón Seoane (ex Milladoiro), Joaquín Xesteira (Treixadura), Rodrigo Romania, Luis Caruncho, Winking (His Son) and Guille Fernández (Berrogüetto).

Celtic Roots is a multidisciplinary educational project that aims to deepen the understanding and communication between children from countries that share a common culture Atlantic.

Humberto Juanes Nigrán (Galicia), St. John’s Catholic Primary School in Manchester (UK) and St. Cronan’s School in Bray (Ireland), with the exclusive collaboration of Xose Manuel Budiño in Galicia, Michael McGoldrick in the UK and Donal Lunny in Ireland, who have made this work possible.

But we must not forget all the musicians who contributed their musical wisdom to work: Pancho crash Javier Feijoo “Pisco”, Luis Caruncho, Antón Seoane, Rodrigo Romania, Guille Fernández, Mago Winery, Xaquin Xesteira “bumps,” Angela Durkin Ed Boyd, Emma Sweeney, James Mahon and Graham Henderson.

The recording equipment CELTIC ROOTS reaches bray

The recording equipment CELTIC ROOTS, formed by technicians of bedlam and the teachers of Humberto Juanes, Chus and Susana, already in Bray. There they were in Vaughan, the director of St. Cronan’s and Donal Lunny, the “musical godfather” who helped the Irish children to rehearse the songs they recorded.

The professors Humberto Juanes, Chus, and Marta Susana and technicians are Crazy House in Manchester, recording the songs of St. John’s Celtic Roots.

A group of teachers and students of the school St. John’s Primary School moved to a studio located in a vocational training centre, called Loreto College. There was expecting Michael Mc Goldrick, the musician who rehearsed the songs, and the technicians Crazy House. After a morning of great enthusiasm and hard work, the three songs were ready to be included in the CD.